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Fanzine El Bon Dolor


Fanzine from the project “El Bon Dolor (The good pain): Ritual of self-sacrifice in four acts”.

30 pages, 35 photos.

Numbered limited edition of 100.


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The project is the result of 4 years following my artist friend Pina Brutal in a travel through pain, specially with body suspension, and reading the internal process as a self-sacrifice. Thus, the photos are organized following the ritual sacrifice interpretation from Henri Hubert and Marcel Mauss in Sacrifice, it’s nature and function (published in L’anée sociologique, 1898).

“The photographer faces his own limitations and prejudices, to end up showing the most human aspect of the experience, with an aesthetic approach that does not hide the pain, but that avoids the morbid.” (Text of the presentation of the fanzine at Projekteria [Art Gallery], may 2018.)


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