Intim / Extim

The french psychiatrist Serge Tisseron redefined Jaques Lacan’s concept of extimacy as “the exhibited intimacy”. The massive use of social networks has turned many people into exhibitionists, broadcasting their everyday’s life and intimacy.

Intim/Extim has two sides. Focusing in the erotic intimacy, there are pictures taken during consented and non directed videoconferences, where the subjects share from their places parts of their intimacy. The pictures are taken photographing the computer screen, mainly with analog cameras. On the other images, the photographer is invited to share intimate situations being there.

The images are printed  with the Gum Bichromate technique, a XIX century long and tedious process making every print unique, cyanotype, darkroom silver prints and giclée prints.

Intim/Extim was first exhibited on March 2017 at Karakter studios, in Hospitalet de Llobregat as a solo exhibition, displaying some of the images taken during videoconferences.

On June 2017 Intim/Extim was also presented in Berlin, in Alte Münze, as a part of the art exhibition “Hedoné“.

On May 2018 the whole project was exhibited at the Mutuo gallery, in Barcelona.