El Bon Dolor – Ritual d’auto-sacrifici en quatre actes.

(The good pain – Ritual of self-sacrifice in four acts)

For years I witnessed the “journey” of the Hungarian artist Pina Brutal in her relationship with pain. In order to overcome the fear of physical pain she decided to get closer to it and began to experiment it, progressively rising the level of intensity of the experience while performing at the same time.

Reading the body suspension experience as a self-sacrifice ritual, the images are organized according to the essay “Sacrifice : its nature and function“, from Henri Hubert and Marcel Mauss (l’Anné Sociologique, 1898).

An approach to pain not as something to avoid but something that can help to overcome fears and insecurities.

El Bon Dolor was presented in April 2018 at the gallery La Projekteria, in Barcelona, inside the Off section of the analog photography festival REVELA’T. All images are printed with Gum Bichromate technique.

In 2019 the project was exhibited in  TEMPIO DEL FUTURO *PERDUTO, in Milan, with added big compositions made with photocopy machine printing.