cos quàntic

The photons, the elementary particles responsible of the electromagnetic field (the visible light among others), may occupy the same quantum space at the same time, according to the Pauli exclusion principle (1925).

Inside the body, different potentialities and categories of gender, sex and personality are present simultaneously in this delimited space.

cos quàntic (quantum body) tries to depict this multiplicity, forcing two bodies to occupy the same space at the same time, colliding a body created by the photons form a slide projector with a tangible one.

All photos were taken in Berlin during 2012.

cos quàntic was presented as photocopy prints compositions (126 x 90cm) in June 2013 in the gallery Kleiner Salon (Berlin) as a solo exhibition, with a live performance of Hyo Jin Shin (Janggo, korean traditional drum) and Roger Rossell (slide projector).

It was again exhibited in Berlin as a part of a collective exhibition in the NON Berlin gallery, in March 2017 as gum bichromate prints (80 x 60 cm) .

Finally, in 2019 the project was part of the collective exhibition of the festival Erostreet in the Museu Europeu d’Art Modern (MEAM) in Barcelona